Dai Dung Metallic Manufacture Construction & Trade Corporation

Dai Dung Metallic Manufacture Construction & Trade Corporation

Dai Dung Metallic Manufacture Construction & Trade Corporation 

Dai Dung Metallic Manufacture Construction & Trade Corporation was established in 1995, starting from a mechanical factory named Dai Dung. Over 20 years of establishment and development, Dai Dung is one of the leading enterprises in Vietnam in the field of manufacturing high-tech steel structures to serve the construction industry, key spearhead industry of the country. During the course of its operation, Dai Dung has gained many important achievements, standing in the top 500 largest private enterprises in Vietnam (2009-2015), 6 years in a row gaining the title "Entrepreneur & business typical industry of Ho Chi Minh City ". Dai Dung is also proud to be awarded a certificate of merit and many other prestigious awards by the Prime Minister and the President for his contributions to the country's economy. Dai Dung has a system of 8 large-scale factories, including 6 factories specializing in steel structure production, staff of up to 2800 people with many engineers and workers trained in technology as well like workmanship; Dai Dung invested in using modern equipment system and applied the most advanced design software in the world; therefore, Dai Dung steel structure products always meet international standards and have been exported to over 40 countries around the world. For the operation of its system, Dai Dung is always innovating and pioneering in researching and developing its products which are always friendly to the environment but the prices are very competitive in the market; Besides, Dai Dung also aims to train human resources to improve product quality, increase labor productivity.

With prestige and quality that has been confirmed over many years of operation, Dai Dung is not only chosen by many major investors in the country but also chosen by many foreign investors for many projects abroad:

          - A part of them in Vietnam that Dai Dung participated in such as Hanoi Bai - Hanoi Airport; Tan Son Nhat Airport - Ho Chi Minh City; Tuy Hoa - Phu Yen Airport;Long Phu - Soc Trang thermoelectric plant; Nghi Son - Thanh Hoa petroleum refinery ...

          - Many projects in foreign countries, which Dai Dung took part in such as Linkou and Tailin - Taiwan thermal power plant; Coca Cola - Cambodia factory; Cambodia Sugar cane factory ...


The growth and quality of good products have shown that Dai Dung's activities not only stop at domestic projects but also reach many projects in the world. Besides, in order to carry out their business activities in Vietnam as well as foreign countries, Dai Dung has always focused on ensuring the implementation and compliance with relevant legal procedures and requirements. To solve this problems, Dai Dung is always looking for a trusted partner in the legal field as a reputable law firm having experience working with Vietnamese state agencies and management agencies in foreign countries and foreign consulates in Vietnam. Being proud to be one of the partners trusted by Dai Dung, DTD always tries to support Dai Dung with necessary and important legal issues related to some activities of Dai Dung in the country as well as foreign countries such as giving legal advice on related to the operation of enterprises, assisting in the preparation of dossiers and documents for offshore investment and establishment of representative offices / subsidiaries abroad; consulting and supporting the implementation of procedures to apply for work permits, visas to bring workers abroad to work; translating and notarizing related documents. DTD with a team of enthusiastic lawyers, who have experience working in law, are constantly researching and innovating to create better products and services. DTD has been and will always be a reliable Dai Dung’s partner in all legal matters relating to enterprise.

As a partner of a large enterprise like Dai Dung, DTD can confidently complete tasks, complicated domestic legal procedures as well as legal procedures with foreign elements. In addition, DTD is always willing to cooperate with other enterprises, organizations and individuals to advise, support and provide high quality legal services according to the requirements of partners and clients.

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