Employment and Labor

Employment and Labor

DTD is really proud of being one vital partner which clients believe and have been using for years, especially in employment and labor-related fields. Our lawyers and counsels are extensively experienced, and have had wise legal understanding qualifications related to these areas. We have taken part in dealing with all issues related to employment and labor-related issues, from dealing with different types of labor contracts to best legal strategy in dealing with labor strike, or labor downsizing. Our central idea is to supply full legal services efficiently and in compliance with the provisions of the law of Vietnam with appropriate fee, whilst ensuring that clients are absolutely comfortable and pleased about the services provided.

Scope of Services

● General counsel of legal issues related to labor and employment under the provisions of the labor law in Vietnam;

● Advising on issues related to the labor contract, including but not limited to, the drafting, amendment, supplement or termination, liquidation of labor contracts; 

● Advising on legal issues related to foreign workers, including the announcement and hiring of foreign workers, for the granting of work permits and temporary residence cards for foreign workers;

● Consultants and representatives drafting negotiation, negotiation of collective bargaining agreements; 

● Representatives and customer support resolving labor disputes including strikes resolved; 

● Consulting order and procedures for disciplining employees; 

● Construction consulting and drafting of forms related to labor and employment;

● Consultation on legal strategy and legal issues related to downsizing and restructuring of employment system; and

● Consultants working draft regulation, regulation of wages, bonuses, drafting and registration of labor regulations; 

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