Aercap is a company which leads in aircraft leasing and airline finance in the world. Aercap is the world's largest independent aircraft leasing company with a large number of aircrafts and an extensive global customer network. Since December of 2016, Aercap has owned 1.566 aircrafts, managed or ordered in its portfolio. Aercap serves more than 200 customers in about 80 countries with comprehensive fleet solutions. AerCap is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and has headquater in Dublin, Ireland with offices in Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Shannon, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Singapore, Shanghai, Abu Dhabi, Valletta, Seattle and Toulouse.

Aercap also has a large volume of assets with the total value of 43 billion dollars. Since December of 2013, due to the purchase agreement of the International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC), the total value of Aercap' s assets has increased to $ 43 billion dollars.

Aercap has broadened a worldwide market, with many partners in different countries in general and Vietnam in particular. Accompanying Aercap in developing and expanding markets in Vietnam, DTD provided Aercap with legal services related to Aercap transactions, including:

Firstly, DTD has given legal advices on Vietnamese law relating to aircraft leasing transactions, ownership registration and other civil rights related to aircrafts.

Secondly, DTD has provided services about application for AEP codes for international rights and legitimate interests of the Company as a lessor in Vietnam.

Thirdly, DTD has provided services about registration of legal rights and interests as the aircraft’ s owner to Vietnam's competent aviation authority.

With a team of professional and experienced lawyers, DTD always ensures high quality and efficiency for Client in legal advices and provides legal services related to the Client’s business activities. Therefore, DTD is always ready to become a reliable legal consultant partner to help Client’s business operate well.

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