Capital Markets

Capital Markets

DTD is regarded as a top-tier securities practice with recognized professional teams in Vietnam. Over the past years of practicing, we have accumulated considerable expertise in a wide variety of securities-related legal services. During our provision of relevant legal services in the capital markets, we have developed a close business relationship with securities regulators, stock exchanges, securities firms both domestically and internationally, as well as a strong client base to ensure that we can provide the highest-quality legal services for our clients. 

Scope of Services 

Equity Capital Markets 

 ● Pre-IPO restructuring 
 ● Private placement 
 ● Domestic and overseas IPOs 
 ● Refinancing of listed companies by stocks, convertible bonds and other financing instruments 
 ● Back-door listings 
 ● Acquisitions, mergers, divestments, major assets restructuring, delisting and relisting of listed companies 
 ● Division and repurchase of shares in listed companies 
 ● Corporate governance                 
 ● Design of management incentive plans and employee stock ownership plans 
 ● Post-listing information disclosure and compliance 
 ● Listed companies related issues 
Debt Capital Markets 

 ● Corporate bonds
 ● Financial bonds 
 ● Short-term commercial paper 

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