Infrastructure, energy and environment

Infrastructure, energy and environment

DTD is really proud of taking part in many kinds of monumental, vital, and extremely valuable infrastructure from airports, ports, roads, bridges, industrial zones and so on with our position as legally experienced advisors who give useful and effective advices and explanations relating to clients’ concerned issues for the compliance with the provisions of Vietnamese law and related legislations, as well as drafting, assisting in the negotiation and finalizing all kinds of agreement/contract in connection with this field, including the likes of BOT, BTO or BT contracts. Besides our direct participation in the process of negotiation and conclusion of agreements/contracts above, we even accompany or directly represent to work with state competent authorities. Our main purpose is to ensure that all infrastructure projects which have been carried out by DTD with its position being legal advisor, would run within schedule with maximum profits for the clients.

Energy practices have also been one of the leading services of DTD for a while. DTD has advised a diversity of foreign and domestic clients on relevant Vietnamese legislations with the financing, shares purchase agreements/contracts, or investment projects relating to water, solar, coal, and wind project at high value. Oil & gas related legal services have also been practiced by our lawyers to ensure the best rights and interests of both local and multi-national clients.

Environmental protection issue has become more and more vital, even regarded as a turning point to determine whether an investment project could be success or not. Furthermore, many investment projects which have already been in operation stage had adverse effects on environment and residents’ health. Understanding that thoroughly, DTD’s lawyers and counsels have gained in-depth legal capabilities and experience via advising and representing the clients in environmental-related matters. Consequently, every investment project which has been directly/indirectly counseled by DTD, was extremely successful and effective in fields of environmental protection. 

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