Dispute resolution

Dispute resolution

The court is commonly viewed as the “last resort” for the disputed parties once all other efforts have failed. However, legal proceedings in Vietnam are usually costly and time consuming, especially for complex cases involving overseas elements which would require dealing with not only local competent authorities, but also foreign ones. Furthermore, even when court judgment or arbitration award have been obtained, there is no guarantee whether these could be recognized and enforced in Vietnam.

Understanding the above comprehensively is very important for our dispute resolution department to properly help the client who came to us for their “last resort”. Normally, when customers bring their cases to us, we will arrange our well-known lawyers or counsels to directly study the detailed situation and make an effective and qualified plan tackling such situation. We always try to act as a useful bridge between relevant parties by giving advices related to disputes, and combining disputed parties for reaching a mutually profitable agreement, even take part in resolving the dispute with the position being representative of the client at the arbitration period and all tiers of court hearing in Vietnam.

Scope of Services: 

● Studying and evaluating clients’ issues on the basis of all related legal aspects, then creating the most effective strategies for protecting the clients ‘ rights and interests in all relevant stages of dispute resolution from conciliation, arbitration, and/or courts; 

● Advising, accompanying, and representing clients during their dealing with the disputes in all relevant stages from conciliation, arbitration, and courts if any; and

● Other supporting legal services post-resolution.  

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