American Corporate Services Inc.

American Corporate Services Inc.

American Corporate Services Inc. 

American Corporate Services Inc. (ACS) has its headquarters in San Francisco, California, USA; branches in Delaware, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Florida, and representative offices in a number of areas in Eastern Europe, China as well as in some other countries. Established in 1991, ACS has assisted more than 10,000 clients in completing their dream of inhabiting in the United States.

In the field of immigration, ACS represents a network of highly experienced professionals in paperwork and has achieved a high success rate in applying for visas for: tourists, international students, investment and employment, religious and political refugees. ACS's multilingual immigration lawyers and staffs are fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese, Mongolian, and English. We are always willing to consult and answer questions regarding to immigrant or non-immigrant visa.

In the field of investment, ACS has accumulated relations with local agencies for more than 27 years, and is fully capable of assisting foreign investors in seeking valuable projects throughout the United States. ACS has broad experience in providing brokerage services to foreign investors, from locating building and development projects, to identifying investment opportunities in high-tech companies in the United States.

In order to support clients establishing their companies and businesses in the United States, ACS also provides human resources for clients’ company with a focus on the confidentiality of exclusive information of clients. ACS additionally provides virtual offices including secretarial, accounting, auditing, tax preparation and legal support services.

In recent times, the trend of foreign investment booming among high income earners in Vietnam, and the U.S. is one of a few countries that are highly concerned given its strengths and characteristics of a superpower having the most developed economy in the world. Especially, the U.S. investment- EB-5 Visa is commonly selected by the Vietnamese people as a way to invest and settle in the United States with their family. Recognizing that Vietnam is a potential market for investment consultation into the United States, ACS is looking forward to providing this service for Vietnamese investors intending to invest in the United States through DTD & Associates LLP (ACS’s Partner in Vietnam).

DTD & Associates LLP, despite its recent incorporation, has firmly asserted its strong position in the network of small and medium enterprises. Since the date of incorporation, DTD has maintained close cooperation with international and domestic law firms, and also with well-qualified professionals and counsels for improving DTD’s human resources.

DTD acknowledges that the close cooperation take a vital role in enhancing legal qualification, levels and mutual understanding with clients, thereby serving clients’ complex demands in the better way, especially in the rapid development of socio-economic life. DTD & Associates LLP led by three core Partners with comprehensive experience in domestic and foreign law in all areas of expertise. Besides, there is a team of professional staff who are always willing to meet all clients requirements in the most complete way.

DTD is one of the pioneering and leading law firm in providing services relating to international immigration and investment, including all ideal destination such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and so on.

Looking forward to introducing, promoting and providing investment services in the United States for potential clients in Vietnam, ACS will try its best to consult clients with the most effective investment solutions, while DTD will support with legal services regarding visa application. With this cooperation, we wish to supply our clients with information and investment solutions for investment services in the United States in the most accurate and quickest way, as well as dedicatedly assist clients in their investment projects.


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